• Mar 09, 2013

A business is only as good or successful as its employees. Even for small companies it is important to manage matter related to the employees in a structured and fair manner. Human Resources is a wide field that has grown in size and significance over the past decades, and it is now considered a vital part in any organization.
This short course is aimed at all people who want to start a career in Human Resources. It starts with the foundations and teaches the basics of what is required to work in a HR department. This course provides tools and techniques for establishing fundamental HR practices supported by hands-on role plays. This course is most suitable for those working as administrators or secretaries as well as small business managers and owners. After completion of the course participants will have gained a good understanding of the basic function and requirements related to HR Management.


  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  2. Scope, Department Structure & Typical Jobs
  3. Introduction to Key Areas
  4. Effective Communication
  5. The Recruitment Process
  6. Disciplinary Matters
  7. Motivation, Reward & Recognition
  8. Performance Management & Appraisals
  9. Talent Management & Retention
  10. Employee Relations
  11. HIV / AIDS Awareness

Duration: 3 Months
Admission Requirements: Junior Certificate (JC) / Form 3 or 1 year work experience in any field. Those with a lower qualification are invited to contact the college for consultation and interview.