• Mar 09, 2013

About CDC

Career Dreams Centre is a privately owned, duly registered and fully accredited training institution focusingon the hospitality and tourism sector. The collegewas established in 2006 after the founder realized that there were too many school leavers who could not find employment due to lack of work-related skills and on-the-job training; particularly in the tourism industry. Hence, he set up the institution to provide short and medium-length training solutions to all members of the public including: employees, supervisors, managers and owners.

All of our courses have been developed in conjunction with leading hospitality and tourism operators in the region - tested and refined to match the reality of an ever demanding workplace. Career Dreams Centre offers high quality and affordable training which helps transforming trainees into committed and responsible employees and leaders who are able to contribute to the development of the hospitality and tourism industry and the nation at large.

Based on the request of business owners, Career Dreams Centre soon extended its offerings to include a wide range of custom-made training solutions and business consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Over the years, Career Dreams Centre has built-up a great reputation among the industry as well as with the government and established strong ties with all relevant stakeholders. The college works closely with the Department of Tourism, Department of Wildlife& National Parks as well asother organizations such as Hospitality and Tourism Association Botswana (HATAB) and Botswana Guides Association (BOGA).


We want to be the leading training institution for the hospitality and tourism industry within Southern Africa and contribute to towards uplifting peoples' lives.


We provide a wide range of training programs to develop skills that can contribute to the industry’s workforce and the students’ careers.

We create an enabling environment for our employees to excel in their professions by empowering, motivating, training and rewarding. We are treating all team members with respect, dignity and fairness.

We run a profitable and sustainable business by minimizing costs whilst satisfying our customers and attracting employees.

We raise awareness with our students and the community with regard to conservation, wildlife management and environmental issues.


Passion - we love what we do
Accountability - we walk the talk
Respect - for ourselves and others
Teamwork - two is better than one
Innovation - what’s new
Integrity - at all times