• Mar 09, 2013

Our History

Career Dreams Centre was formed in 2006 to provide students with training that is relevant to the industry requirements so as to maximise possibility of them securing employment and becoming contributing members of the society.
We also found the need to provide short courses for employees, owners, managers and supervisors working within the Hospitality and Tourism industry. From the on set, the institution involved the leading Hospitality operators in the region to facilitate in identification of the training needs.

The institution started with three lecturers and one administrative staff member.

In 2007, the institution began providing management expertise at the request of Hospitality and Tourism business owners who attended some of our courses.

Fully realising that training is not a universal cure-all we began to work within our clients businesses to guide them, create stronger, more stable work teams. This led to another aspect of development of skills and procedures to guide small. medium sized business in the transition to a structure company or multiple location operations.

Since then the institution has developed and now specialises in various aspects of professional Hospitality and Tourism services such as Hospitality Management, Recruitment and Customer Perception Survey.

We also receive considerable recognition from government as an institution that is geared towards empowering school leavers and post graduates to enter the world of employment in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Ever since it was established Career Dreams Centre has trained 500 students and about 350 of them have secured jobs in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. This marks a huge achievement to our objectives.