• Mar 09, 2013

Career Dreams Centre aims to provide excellent education at a fair price to the public. College and college accommodation fees are reviewed on an annual basis by the college's Executive Committee for approval by the Directors.

General Points:

  • Students may pay the fees cash at the college, with cheque or wire transfer.
  • Published fees are binding to respective students and their sponsors / parents, and they are responsible to ensure timely payment of fees.
  • The application fee and deposit must be paid in one sum before the start of the program.
  • The course fees can be paid in monthly instalments. Students and their sponsors / parents are expected to follow the agreed fee payment schedule.
  • The course deposit must be paid upon notification of successful application latest 30 days prior to the class starting. If no payment is received, the student will be excluded from the program / course.
  • Where payments are late, the student may be suspended until payment has been received.

To see the full payment policy and procedure click here.

To download the fee payment schedule click here.