Board of Directors

Career Dreams Centre is governed by the Board of Directors who is responsible for the finance, property, investment, and strategic direction. The Board of Directors consists of the Directors and is assisted by the Principal, and College Manager.

Examination Board

It is a permanent council consisting of the Director (chairperson), Principal, Chief Invigilator, and two Heads of Departments. The main function of the board is to manage disputes related to the examination process.


Committees are the building blocks of college governance: faculty, students, and staff serve together on standing and ad hoc committees. At Career Dreams Centre, the following committees have been established:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is trusted with the day-to-day operation and overall management of the college including student and staff administration. The Principal chairs this committee whose permanent members consist of College Manager, Academic Registrar and Head of Departments.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is a permanent committee constituting of all full-time employed lecturers at the college. The committee is chaired by the Academic Registrar /Admissions Officer. The main purpose of the committee is to oversee all academic affairs and make recommendations to the college management and Directors about programs and strategic priorities.

Examination Committee

It is a permanent committee chaired by the Principal and four elected staff members out of the Academic Committee. Together they manage the examination process and related matters such as preparation and verification of examination questions and external moderation. The four members are elected at the beginning of each academic year. A member can be reelected with no restrictions. For the examination period, they appoint an Examination Officer to manage the examination process including external moderation and invigilators. He/she will appoint the Chief Invigilator.

Other Committees include:

  • Curriculum Development Committee
  • Student Representative Committee
  • Staff Development Committee
  • Graduation Committee
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Industry Advisory Panel