Quality Policy

At Career Dreams Centre we are committed to serving our students by ensuring that we continuously select, develop and deliver first-class programs that are relevant to the needs of local industry and can produce graduates that add real value to their workplace, be it locally or globally. The voice of our students is a key driver of our activities, and our continuous improvement endeavour is rooted in sincere efforts to ensure that student evaluations are frequent, comprehensive, and that action plans based on these evaluations are executed in a timely, efficient, and decisive manner. We equally value the voice of the hospitality and tourism operators whom we consider as our wider customer base. Through strong relationships and regular feedback evaluation, we aim to stay up-to-date with an ever-developing labour market and industry. Additionally, we strive to ensure that the collaborative arrangements with partner institutions are deep and engaging with the aim of always improving the quality of the service we deliver. We are also committed to enhancing the skills of management and staff by actively pursuing an on-going training and development policy to ensure all work demands are met. Though the Managing Director has the ultimate responsibility for the quality, all team members have a responsibility within their own areas of work helping to ensure that quality is embedded within the whole of the school. Finally, we hold ourselves accountable to the people of Botswana by ensuring that we are always in compliance with the regulations that apply to the provision of quality higher education.