Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)

We groom our learners to join the Botswana Government’s policy of no child left behind or early education for all.
Career Dreams Centre with its learners recognises early childhood education as warm, nurturing care and enriched learning experiences designed to stimulate a child’s development in a holistic blend.
Career Dreams Centre recognises that a high-quality early childhood programme includes the following critical components:

  • Provides a well-rounded curriculum that bonds well with holistic grooming
  • Addresses child health, nutrition, and family needs as part of a comprehensive network
  • Assesses learners to be prepared in handling early year learning by identifying their concerns
  • Provides small scale sizes and nurtures student- teachers who are well-grounded in theory and sandwiched with a pro-seasoned hands-on school practice: Attachment

Employees well-educated and top of the range in pedagogical experiences
Therefore, here below are our Units:

  • Introduction to Early Childhood Development                     
  • Child Growth and Development                                           
  • Communication Skills                                                           
  • Educational Psychology                                                      
  • Approaches to Child Learning                                              
  • Teaching Methodologies                                                      
  • Educational Technology                                                       
  • Early Curriculum Development (0 -3)                                   
  • Early Curriculum Development (3 -8)                                  
  • Special Needs Education (SNE).                                          
  • Child Study Theory                                                               
  • Educational Management                                                     
  • Health, Safety & Nutrition                                                     
  • Gender, Fostering & Adoption                                              
  • Professional Practice (Theory)                                                   
  • Professional Practice (Attachment)                                                   
  • Computer Awareness