Foundation of Bookkeeping & Accounts

The finance department is the backbone of any organization. Without proper financial reporting and planning a company walks blindly in its day-to-day operation. The very basic components a business needs are fundamental bookkeeping and accounting practices.
This short course provides an introduction to general bookkeeping and accounting practices. Participants will learn how-to run bookkeeping and accounting including all fundamental concepts and reporting. They will be able to execute the function for any small company even in the old-fashioned manual way. 


  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. The Accounting System
  3. The Balance Sheet & Accounting Equation
  4. Double Entry System for Assets, Liabilities and Capital
  5. Double Entry System for Assets of Stock
  6. Double Entry System for Expenses and Revenues
  7. Balancing of Accounts
  8. The Trial Balance
  9. Trading and Profit & Loss Accounts
  10. Business Documentation
  11. Sales Book and Ledger
  12. Purchase Book and Ledger
  13. Sales and Purchase Return Book
  14. Cash Book
  15. Petty Cash
  16. Capital and Revenue Expenditures
  17. Financial Statements
  18. Value-Added Taxes
  19. Bank Reconciliation
  20. The Journal
  21. Control Accounts
  22. Depreciation of Fixed Assets
  23. Bad Debts and Doubtful Accounts
  24. Accruals
  25. Suspense Accounts
  26. HIV / AIDS Awareness

Duration: 3 Months
Admission Requirements: Junior Certificate (JC) / Form 3 or 1-year work experience in any field. Those with a lower qualification are invited to contact the college for consultation and interview.